BE Courageous!  5 quick tips to help you conquer your fears. 

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is being brave enough to go for it during those times you are afraid.  Conquering fears, by taking BOLD Action is courageous and sometimes so difficult to do. 

How to step out of FEAR and be filled with courage?  

1:  Take Action!  

Write it down and follow through with the action to complete the task. List one task daily that scares you and complete that task!  CROSS it off with a great big check mark. 

One of the best ways to contribute to improving your confidence is through experience. When we physically do something and succeed at it our confidence grows, which allows us to be more courageous. 

2:  Let GO of your attachment to material things!  

The most powerful person on earth is the person who has nothing to lose. 

The more attached you are to material things, the more fearful you can become of losing those things. This attachement can lead to a lack of courage to make bold moves because of the fear of the risk of loss. Be careful not to allow your things to keep you pigeon holed when you could be spreading your wings to FLY! 

Stick to your dreams and goals but don’t become attached to what you have. Even if you lose current successes you can always rebuild. We live in a world of plenty. Believe in that abundance and your right to be a success. 

3:  Rely on your deeper beliefs!  

Do you have a specific religion? Your own private faith?  Belief in a higher power?  Whatever it is, keep it strong and at the forefront. Use it all the time. Awareness of a loving force higher than yourself keeps you grounded in courage. This gives you resolute strength, grounded in Faith, so that when you’re shaken,  you can pray and turn it over to your higher power. For me it’s God and his Agape Love. 

4:  BE Active! 

Move your body. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to take care of the temple you were given to live in. We have one life to live and one body to do that in. Take care of it by doing something every day that gets your heart pumping. Walk, ride a bike, take a hike or a swim. Find something you love doing that moves your temple and get out and do that.  

5:   Make healthy eating and drinking choices! 

Reach for water instead of Soda. Find a healthier option than a full sugar soda if you love carbonated drinks.  I love Stevia sweetened drinks. So refreshing and better for me. 

Get in tune with what foods fuel you in a healthy way.  What do you eat that makes you feel your best mentally and physically?  This takes some adjusting to sort out what is right for you and your body. Adjust based on how you feel. Feed yourself natural sugars instead of refined sugars and play with your diet to come up with foods that make you feel your best. 

Find a healthy supplement and fill those nutritional gaps. We all have gaps in our nutrition, which can lead to low energy and unhealthy choices. Find a fuel that works for you and stick with it long enough to have it start working for you. 

LOVE yourself and be kind to yourself when you have set backs. Start each day in gratitudes and step out into your Joy. Living a soul filled life, leads to more abundance, more Joy a bigger reach and MORE confidence. 

BE Courageous and Bold. Stop those limiting beliefs and stick with the people who fill you up and help you be more confident. ♥️


The Corporate Cleanse-5 ways I detoxed after quitting my corporate JOB! 

8 years I spent busting my butt with the company I strove to build a career with and was committed to retire with!  Shift happened!  I decided it was time to be done with corporate constraints and let someone else enjoy the benefits of those 8 years worth of work and take over that grind. The Golden Handcuffs as a co-worker liked to call it!  I was a little afraid but I was so ready to thrive in my life.  To let that piece of who I identified myself as go and to free up my time.  I have always had a calling to work in a free spirited capacity.  I also wanted to take the time to help my parents with my Mom coming up on her 4th hip surgery. 

Be prepared, but don’t spend so much time getting prepared that you don’t ever take action on chasing your dreams while truly living!  Both can be done at the same time. I was ready, had already worked with my husband sharing a health and wellness product we love, as a side income for 3 years prior to my shift out of the corporate life. I was eager to hit it head on-my detox from over 25 years in the corporate grind.  How I detoxed!

1.  Be Kind to Yourself! 

Give yourself the time to let down and let go. We often shape our identity in our career and I most certainly had done that. I was great at what I did, and letting go of that, as who I was, is still something I am working on. 

I didn’t feel the immediate freedom that I thought I would. I had trouble sleeping at first, as my mind worried about the “things” I had turned back in to my past employer.  My company car and gas card-no worries I had to remind myself, you have a motorcycle and a truck to drive. The laptop, phone and the endless supply of reporting to do, including emails to check every hour, sheesh why would this bother me. I don’t know but it did, that was such a huge part of me!  Fear of not having that income to rely on!  

I also found myself having a little tinge of angst about the awesome new hire. Crazy I know. I chose to leave and the company is great. Of course they would replace me with someone great and I would not want anything less. It still bothered me.  I had to really pray on this to let that piece go! 

I had to learn to be kind to myself and remind myself the first month of being gone that I wanted this. This was my choice and it was OK!  It is so much more than OK now 6 months later but I had to be gentle on myself the first few months.  

2.  Re-Boot! 

Let down!  Meditate, pray, be grateful. I chose meditation and quiet time to journal at least twice a day. It was so helpful to sit with a journal in a quiet place. I have a few spots on our property where I can do this and hear running water in the background. In the morning before everything starts I write. Gratitudes and thanks and spending 10 minutes with my vision board were and are pivotal in shifting my fear to peace. At night I use meditation as a way to quiet my mind. Teaching myself a new way to be present has been such a reward in all of this. Giving myself permission to just BE and teaching my mind to be present by using thought shifters to bring me back to the now, when I start to worry. 

3.  Be grateful for what the job provided! 

 I started to replace the good things about the company with the bad.  As a means of justifying my leaving. Everything can have a negative or negatives. I was holding on to those as a way to be at Peace with my choice. I shifted that and became really content with my choice. I chose to leave and I am so grateful for what I learned there and the relationships I have from that time in my life. 

4.  Change your Uniform!  

It was fun to box up the business clothes and trade them for Teva’s, flip flops, athletic shoes and Yoga pants. This was rewarding and freeing.  I love being able to wake up and do what I want clean faced in a pair of sweats!  ♥️ Or to head into town in a baseball hat and no make up of I choose!  Not always having to be on point has been really fun and freeing! 

5.  Travel or get out in your community in a way you didn’t have time to before. 

I immediately planned some fun trips. A vacation to San Antonio with my grown girls. A road trip with my youngest daughter through Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Kansas to pick up a friend and then the 3 of us road tripped to Nebraska and though Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Idaho and then back to Oregon. We hit National Parks, stayed in a haunted hotel and saw so much beautiful countryside while meeting some amazing people. When I got home I started the camping trips, day trips to hike and to the lakes to Kayak, bike riding, beach time, desert time!  We live in an amazing country and we are so close to so much I haven’t taken advantage of seeing. 

My intent when leaving the whole corporate structure wasn’t to quit working it was to work as I decided to work, on the things that fuel my soul, not the time wasters!  I already had things in place to work in a cloud based forum with Air B&B with our main home and the cloud based health and wellness line we have been sharing for over 3 years. I’m excited to also be a sub agent in the industry I worked in corporately and happy to now be ready to dive into that this fall and start seeing those accounts I love! 
Life is such a blessing, make it a point not to spend so much time filling it with just work. Live and LOVE what you’re doing. You deserve it! 

Trading Mimosas for Memories! 

Grateful for an incredible Easter.   I am so thankful for this blessing every year of New Beginnings, New Hopes and New Joy! He is Risen and abundance overflows from His love and devotion.  Today I am most grateful for His forgiveness. 

Holidays used to mark the most challenging times for me when I first started my journey of healthy living without alcohol. On Easter, in the past I would have taken great care in picking out the best Orange Juice, maybe even fresh squeezed to mix with my dry bubbly!  This would have been the highlite of my grocery trip. Alcohol selection would have definitely trumped the choices of sides to go with the Ham, the main attraction as my Dad finds it sacrreligious to change meats on this beautiful holiday!  I went for smoke pork chops this year and he called and said I picked up a spiral ham!  

This year as I left for church I was overwhelmed with gratitude. Thankful for the changes that are allowing me to live in peace.  I spent my shopping trip this year giggling at the egg section with already hard boiled eggs that were beautifully colored. No judgment-maybe these are for the Grandmas’s & Grandpa’s with babies coming over and the need to have some eggs to hide. Surely this can’t be because we are all so busy and overworked as parents that we are skipping the creative art of dying eggs and stinking our house up with Vinegar. I took great care in grabbing Easter cupcakes and Strawberry Shortcake makings because it was also my 26 year old daughters birthday this year. 

I left the store, paying no mind to the wine and beer on the end caps. Those end caps and displays made up of wine, paired with cheese or the football end zone set up at the front door carefully constructed of 12 and 24 packs of the beer company with the largest budget. These used to be so hard for me. Alcohol is everywhere and so abundant. It overflows in our culture as a norm so prevelant and accepted. This is fine for those who can pass that end cap without thinking twice, but as an alcoholic it took me a couple of years to get comfortable not wishing I could take that home and enjoy just one or two. 

Exploring this new life with fresh eyes and no morning headaches. A life that is now overflowing with so much growth and healing of pains. Life is beautiful and to embrace each day in a special way and be able to flow with what it brings me has been so rewarding. Mornings spent in gratitude, prayer and turning all things over to God, strong family support, working out regularly and eating healthy has made living free of alcohol possible for me. Living free of the fog and exploring all that life has to offer is an amazing blessing. Loving my life free of Mimosas and filled with Thrivin’ Memories! 


Travel, Work and Play! Are you Living Life on Purpose? 

If you can’t get behind it, don’t do it. Period. Don’t muddle through it, make a plan, stick with the tasks associated with the plan and go for it.  Make time to be in a space to be living in your purpose. Live a life you are loving that is filled with Joy and PASSION, abundance and grace. Thriving emotionally as you journey through life living in the present! 

I know it may be a crazy thought to think that life can be as big as we make it and as big as we dream for it to be, but it can be! The work we do doesn’t have to be a drag. It can be fun and rewarding, filled with friendships and strong relationships as we work in Unity and without the pressures that can be placed on us in corporate work. 

Think of the things that are holding you back. List them and make your exit plan. Don’t stay status quo unless you are truly happy where you are currently at. Quit your job. Move to a new location. Leave a dying relationship. Put some fire in your current relationship. Buy a house, sell a house and travel. Start a new business, find your passion. Write a book, start a blog. Go exploring. Take walks, hikes, get out in nature. Explore new hobbies. Take a class or go to a seminar. Life is so full and we have so much opportunity in the United States. 

We have one life to live. Will your life be a crazy, fun ride or will it be routine and boring? Will you be so in love with life that your passion fuels and helps others. Will it light a fire in others to do more, be more, give more? Will you be a beacon of hope for others? Will you sort out what you were put here to do and be?  
In February of 2017 I quit a 25 year career in sales in the same territory and moved on to network marketing full time. I needed freedom to explore. I wanted time with my aging parents. I was antsy and eager to travel. I have travelled in the U.S., to Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe but I have places in United States I am excited to see. In order to do that my 3 weeks of vacation a year didn’t allow for me to see the things I want to see.  
Since quitting I have been getting acclimated to the change of pace in my career. Excited about our growth in our networking health and wellness business and my 2 year plan with that. Truly being able to share our product from anywhere I am is such a blessing. No constraints on where I work. I am excited to be getting our home ready to Air B&B and starting a dog kennel. 
This first year of my new life will be filled with road trips across the US. The first trip of my new life was last week with a flight into Butte, Montana and to my brothers home along the river in White Hall. There was so much time to reflect with beautiful views of the Tobacco Root mountains and sitting in the hot springs, on the side of a ranches old dirt road in the river every day. A trip to Pony, Montana for dinner and to Bozeman to check out the hot springs there. The drive home took us through Libby Montana, Idaho and into Washington. We stayed at my brothers condo on the Columbia River and rested to make the drive home along the river. The views were beautiful with everything being multiple shades of green. We ate smoked salmon in a beautiful park and took the slow road through Camas, Washington over and down into Oregon. 

Life is a blessing. It is so amazing the freedom and peace associated with taking the time to take care of myself and sort out what I want to do when I grow up. 45 years young and loving this new chapter in my life. 
Travel, Work and Play! Are you Living Life on Purpose? 

Living in Thanks and Praise! Even on our darkest days there is an answer.

I am a 45 year old Mom with two amazing daughters and a beautiful, smart granddaughter. I grew up in a faith based home, going to church on Sunday’s, bible study on Wednesday’s and going to Christian school. When I graduated from high school and became more active in life working and having fun, at age 19 I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter. I immediately enrolled in college and continued working hard to be able to provide for my little family. I had my second daughter at 25 and continued working hard and smart in my career.
I made a choice that my girls would not go without.  Even in the times when our income was low my daughters did not suffer.  They were loved and taken care of.  I am so thankful for incredible family support as their fathers were not actively involved in their lives emotionally or financially.  I was a single Mama and making it happen with the help of hard work, my parents, some amazing friends and extended family support.  It takes a village to raise incredible people.  My oldest daughters step-Mom became one of my biggest supporters and loved and shared in the support of both of my girls.
The stress of having a demanding career and single parenting led to common social drinking and wine as a let down. It’s such a main stream part of corporate culture and Momming!  Have a glass of wine it will make it all better.  In my early 30’s that was manageable but into my late 30’s and early 40’s alcohol became something I was not able to put down and it was having a negative impact on my life. Although prayer was always with me, through those years, attending church was not and I felt a disconnect from my faith based on the behaviors of others.  Judgement and persecution is not what brings a person to church. LOVE and grace is.
When I turned 40 I had many mornings I stood in the shower, exhausted, feeling sick from the toxicity from the night before, begging God to help me find a new way.  Tears streaming down my face, desperate for a change.  At age 42 my husband reached out to a friend about a supplement she was having success with.  He was looking for a change for him but God works in wonderful ways.  A two day sample was sent for him and for his wife!
The hope I felt when I felt a difference on this product is something I have a vivid memory of today.  Two weeks of eating healthy, cutting sugar and supplementing would lead to me make a choice to quit drinking.  Through prayer, daily writing in my gratitude journal and family support I was able to start the journey of healthy living on all levels.  
Thankful that we have a higher power walking with us in our darkest times.  God is GREAT!
My renewed faith led me to prayer, daily reading and turning everything over to God. Through social media I was invited to Toast the King, a local ministry and as I was not quite ready to commit to one church community I was excited to attend. I am so grateful I did. It has been a safe and loving place for me to connect with women who support and love me and are encouraging me to live my best life walking in His presence daily.  I am finding my voice and excited about the path I am on walking in my purpose. I have a new home church with an incredible pastor I met through TTK.  OUR walk in faith and in the presence is just that, OUR walk.  There is no walk that is exactly the same.  Be true to you and what feels right to you.  People are just the messenger and not all people proclaiming to be walking with Him are right for you.
I am truly living as an entrepreneur and flourishing with a few different income sources now because I quit letting alcohol numb my mind.  When we are living in Joy and walking in our divine purpose there is so much reward.  So excited to be able to share my story in hopes that it will help someone else struggling like I was.  High functioning with my own rock bottom.   Each of us suffers in the disease of addiction a little differently.  I thought I was fine because I hadn’t wrecked my car, lost my home, I was “smarter” than that. Frankly those things could have happened.  God spared me those struggles.
I am loving life living in the GRACE and power I was born to walk in.   YOU CAN TOO!  Living in Thanks and Praise.  It goes a long way.

5 Tips for Staying on Task and Keeping Your Focus!

Follow these tips each morning before picking up any technology.

1. Get up early enough to reflect on the things around you that you are grateful for. Spend time on those by writing them down or speaking those gratitude’s in your mind or out loud.

2. Spend time in a quiet, calm place picturing your life where you want it to be. Really feel the emotions around the things you are envisioning in your life. Feel the Joy and Peace those things bring you. Breathe that in as if it is already where you currently are.

3. Stretch. Spend a few minutes stretching your body. Your arms, your legs, your neck and back. If time is limited combine this with step 2.  

4. Drink a large glass of water, supplement and feed your body healthy nutrients. You need healthy fuel to provide energy and focus for your body and mind throughout the day.

5. Get excited about your day. If it’s not mapped out already stop and take a few minutes to chart your course to be the biggest success you can be. Win the day by starting excited about the wins before they happen. You are an energy draw. Go out excited and ready, not stressed and a mess! (I write my plan Sunday night for the week and each night before the next day make small adjustments as needed.)

This simple morning routine, when I stick with it, shapes amazing days.

If you’re curious about my favorite morning solution that has already helped 1000’s of people with energy and cognitive performance, contact me for more info.


Learning from Life Lessons. Never get bitter get BETTER!



3 years ago I was vocal about some concerns I had.  I didn’t realize the magnitude of the manipulation that would ensue from a few people, from a few of my words that were valid and true, and what I believe they were twisted into.

My point is not to rehash and resurface 3 years ago, as we made a viable attempt at working through that with no resolve. My point is that life will bring people into your life who are not for you. Absolutely not for you, enough so that it may cause financial and emotional setbacks for you. Life lessons that we can either curl up and become small from or get silent and strong from.

The reality is the setbacks don’t come from the actions of others. The setbacks come from our reaction to negativity and the ripple effect comes from our original negative space around the situation.  Wow that’s Powerful when you sort that out.

Growing up my Mom used to say to me,  don’t give your power away. I never fully understood that until now at age 45. Not all things will be just and right and that can make our emotions heighten.  That being said, we have control over how we choose to react to the perceived injustices life throws at us.  We have control over our energy, around those perceived injustices, which causes our ripple effects in life.

We choose the space we live in, we choose our thoughts, and we choose who and what is allowed into our emotional and personal space. We choose what our reaction is to the life things that cause us pain. Make a choice to be strong and silent. Silence is always a great option.  Use your voice if and when it’s warranted but not before.

Pay attention to the way people talk and shut down all negativity. Don’t turn a blind eye, shut it down. The way people talk about others is a quick sign they will talk about you just as quickly. Like energies attract. You can fight it or you can build a strong, positive, healthy energy force around you and the people not in a healthy space for you will quickly shift away from you. Let that naturally happen. Pay attention to actions not words and stay healthy for you.

Sometimes those hard lessons make no sense at the time they are happening. We don’t get to the other side of any growth needed lesson until we sort it out personally. The lesson will keep surfacing and sometimes very painfully resurfacing.

I am so grateful for meditation and prayer. I am so grateful for knowledge to change my reaction in all of the present and future situations like the one 3 years ago.  My desired ripple effect is rooted in grace, love and support of others who want and need the support with the intention to also cause a loving ripple effect in the world.  We can be the change!

I am so good now and I am so grateful for my circle of love. Big things surrounded in love coming in 2017! Build your life around like minded people in life and business who live in Joy and concern for sending out a ripple effect rooted in LOVE!