The Corporate Cleanse-5 ways I detoxed after quitting my corporate JOB! 

8 years I spent busting my butt with the company I strove to build a career with and was committed to retire with!  Shift happened!  I decided it was time to be done with corporate constraints and let someone else enjoy the benefits of those 8 years worth of work and take over that grind. The Golden Handcuffs as a co-worker liked to call it!  I was a little afraid but I was so ready to thrive in my life.  To let that piece of who I identified myself as go and to free up my time.  I have always had a calling to work in a free spirited capacity.  I also wanted to take the time to help my parents with my Mom coming up on her 4th hip surgery. 

Be prepared, but don’t spend so much time getting prepared that you don’t ever take action on chasing your dreams while truly living!  Both can be done at the same time. I was ready, had already worked with my husband sharing a health and wellness product we love, as a side income for 3 years prior to my shift out of the corporate life. I was eager to hit it head on-my detox from over 25 years in the corporate grind.  How I detoxed!

1.  Be Kind to Yourself! 

Give yourself the time to let down and let go. We often shape our identity in our career and I most certainly had done that. I was great at what I did, and letting go of that, as who I was, is still something I am working on. 

I didn’t feel the immediate freedom that I thought I would. I had trouble sleeping at first, as my mind worried about the “things” I had turned back in to my past employer.  My company car and gas card-no worries I had to remind myself, you have a motorcycle and a truck to drive. The laptop, phone and the endless supply of reporting to do, including emails to check every hour, sheesh why would this bother me. I don’t know but it did, that was such a huge part of me!  Fear of not having that income to rely on!  

I also found myself having a little tinge of angst about the awesome new hire. Crazy I know. I chose to leave and the company is great. Of course they would replace me with someone great and I would not want anything less. It still bothered me.  I had to really pray on this to let that piece go! 

I had to learn to be kind to myself and remind myself the first month of being gone that I wanted this. This was my choice and it was OK!  It is so much more than OK now 6 months later but I had to be gentle on myself the first few months.  

2.  Re-Boot! 

Let down!  Meditate, pray, be grateful. I chose meditation and quiet time to journal at least twice a day. It was so helpful to sit with a journal in a quiet place. I have a few spots on our property where I can do this and hear running water in the background. In the morning before everything starts I write. Gratitudes and thanks and spending 10 minutes with my vision board were and are pivotal in shifting my fear to peace. At night I use meditation as a way to quiet my mind. Teaching myself a new way to be present has been such a reward in all of this. Giving myself permission to just BE and teaching my mind to be present by using thought shifters to bring me back to the now, when I start to worry. 

3.  Be grateful for what the job provided! 

 I started to replace the good things about the company with the bad.  As a means of justifying my leaving. Everything can have a negative or negatives. I was holding on to those as a way to be at Peace with my choice. I shifted that and became really content with my choice. I chose to leave and I am so grateful for what I learned there and the relationships I have from that time in my life. 

4.  Change your Uniform!  

It was fun to box up the business clothes and trade them for Teva’s, flip flops, athletic shoes and Yoga pants. This was rewarding and freeing.  I love being able to wake up and do what I want clean faced in a pair of sweats!  ♥️ Or to head into town in a baseball hat and no make up of I choose!  Not always having to be on point has been really fun and freeing! 

5.  Travel or get out in your community in a way you didn’t have time to before. 

I immediately planned some fun trips. A vacation to San Antonio with my grown girls. A road trip with my youngest daughter through Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Kansas to pick up a friend and then the 3 of us road tripped to Nebraska and though Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Idaho and then back to Oregon. We hit National Parks, stayed in a haunted hotel and saw so much beautiful countryside while meeting some amazing people. When I got home I started the camping trips, day trips to hike and to the lakes to Kayak, bike riding, beach time, desert time!  We live in an amazing country and we are so close to so much I haven’t taken advantage of seeing. 

My intent when leaving the whole corporate structure wasn’t to quit working it was to work as I decided to work, on the things that fuel my soul, not the time wasters!  I already had things in place to work in a cloud based forum with Air B&B with our main home and the cloud based health and wellness line we have been sharing for over 3 years. I’m excited to also be a sub agent in the industry I worked in corporately and happy to now be ready to dive into that this fall and start seeing those accounts I love! 
Life is such a blessing, make it a point not to spend so much time filling it with just work. Live and LOVE what you’re doing. You deserve it! 

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