Living in Thanks and Praise; Even on our darkest days there is an answer.


I am a 45-year-old Mom with two amazing daughters and a beautiful, smart granddaughter. I grew up in a faith-based home, going to church on Sunday’s, Bible study on Wednesday’s and going to a Christian school. After I graduated from high school, at age 19, I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter. I immediately enrolled in college and continued working hard to be able to provide for my little family. I had my second daughter at 25, and kept working hard and smart in my career.

I made a choice that my girls would not ever go without the things they needed. Even in the times when our income was low my daughters did not suffer. They were loved and taken care of.  I am thankful for incredible family support as their fathers were not actively involved in their lives emotionally or financially. I was a single Mama and making it happen with the help of hard work, my parents, some amazing friends, and extended family support.  It takes a village to raise incredible people. My oldest daughters step-Mom became one of my biggest supporters and loved and shared in the lives of both of my girls.

The stress of having a demanding career and single parenting led to everyday social drinking and wine as a way to relax in the evenings. It’s such a central part of corporate culture and Momming!  We are taught to have a glass of wine, and it will make it all better. In my early 30’s that was manageable but into my late 30’s and early 40’s alcohol became something I was not able to put down, and it was having a negative impact on my life. Although prayer and attending church was usually an essential part of my life, through those years it wasn’t, and I felt a disconnect from my faith based on how I was treated by others. Judgement and persecution is not what brings a person to church. LOVE and grace is.

When I turned 40 I had many mornings when I stood in the shower, exhausted, feeling sick from the toxicity from the night before, begging God to help me find a new way. Tears streamed down my face, and I was desperate for a change. At age 42 my husband reached out to a friend about a supplement she was having success with. He was looking for something for him, but God works in beautiful ways. They sent a two-day sample for both of us!

The hope I felt when I tried the product and experienced the difference for the first time, is something I’ll never forget!  Two weeks of eating healthy, cutting sugar, and supplementing would lead me to make a choice to quit drinking. Through prayer, daily writing in my gratitude journal, and family support I was able to start the journey of healthy living on all levels.  

I’m thankful that we have a higher power walking with us in our darkest times.  God is GREAT!

My renewed faith led me to prayer, daily reading and turning everything over to God. Through social media, I was invited to Toast the King, a local ministry, but I wasn’t quite ready to commit to one church community. I am so grateful I did. It has been a safe and loving place for me to connect with women who support and love me and are encouraging me to live my best life walking in His presence daily.  I am finding my voice and excited about the path I am on walking in my purpose. I now have a new home church with an incredible pastor I met through TTK. Our walk in faith, and in the present is just that, OUR walk. There is no walk that is precisely the same. Be true to you and what feels right to you. People are just the messenger and not all people proclaiming to be walking with Him are right for you.

I am truly living as an entrepreneur and flourishing with a few different income sources now because I quit letting alcohol numb my mind. When we are living in joy and walking in our divine purpose there is so much reward. I’m excited to be able to share my story in hopes that it will help someone else struggling like I was, high functioning, but with my own rock bottom. Each of us suffers in the disease of addiction a little differently.  I thought I was okay, because I hadn’t wrecked my car, or lost my home. I was “smarter” than that. Frankly, those things could have happened, but God spared me those struggles.

I am loving life living in the GRACE and power I was born to walk in.  YOU CAN TOO! Living in Thanks and Praise. It goes a long way.


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