5 Tips for Staying on Task and Keeping Your Focus!

Follow these tips each morning before picking up any technology.

1. Get up early enough to reflect on the things around you that you are grateful for. Spend time on those by writing them down or speaking those gratitude’s in your mind or out loud.

2. Spend time in a quiet, calm place picturing your life where you want it to be. Really feel the emotions around the things you are envisioning in your life. Feel the Joy and Peace those things bring you. Breathe that in as if it is already where you currently are.

3. Stretch. Spend a few minutes stretching your body. Your arms, your legs, your neck and back. If time is limited combine this with step 2.  

4. Drink a large glass of water, supplement and feed your body healthy nutrients. You need healthy fuel to provide energy and focus for your body and mind throughout the day.

5. Get excited about your day. If it’s not mapped out already stop and take a few minutes to chart your course to be the biggest success you can be. Win the day by starting excited about the wins before they happen. You are an energy draw. Go out excited and ready, not stressed and a mess! (I write my plan Sunday night for the week and each night before the next day make small adjustments as needed.)

This simple morning routine, when I stick with it, shapes amazing days.

If you’re curious about my favorite morning solution that has already helped 1000’s of people with energy and cognitive performance, contact me for more info.


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