Learning from Life Lessons. Never get bitter get BETTER!



3 years ago I was vocal about some concerns I had.  I didn’t realize the magnitude of the manipulation that would ensue from a few people, from a few of my words that were valid and true, and what I believe they were twisted into.

My point is not to rehash and resurface 3 years ago, as we made a viable attempt at working through that with no resolve. My point is that life will bring people into your life who are not for you. Absolutely not for you, enough so that it may cause financial and emotional setbacks for you. Life lessons that we can either curl up and become small from or get silent and strong from.

The reality is the setbacks don’t come from the actions of others. The setbacks come from our reaction to negativity and the ripple effect comes from our original negative space around the situation.  Wow that’s Powerful when you sort that out.

Growing up my Mom used to say to me,  don’t give your power away. I never fully understood that until now at age 45. Not all things will be just and right and that can make our emotions heighten.  That being said, we have control over how we choose to react to the perceived injustices life throws at us.  We have control over our energy, around those perceived injustices, which causes our ripple effects in life.

We choose the space we live in, we choose our thoughts, and we choose who and what is allowed into our emotional and personal space. We choose what our reaction is to the life things that cause us pain. Make a choice to be strong and silent. Silence is always a great option.  Use your voice if and when it’s warranted but not before.

Pay attention to the way people talk and shut down all negativity. Don’t turn a blind eye, shut it down. The way people talk about others is a quick sign they will talk about you just as quickly. Like energies attract. You can fight it or you can build a strong, positive, healthy energy force around you and the people not in a healthy space for you will quickly shift away from you. Let that naturally happen. Pay attention to actions not words and stay healthy for you.

Sometimes those hard lessons make no sense at the time they are happening. We don’t get to the other side of any growth needed lesson until we sort it out personally. The lesson will keep surfacing and sometimes very painfully resurfacing.

I am so grateful for meditation and prayer. I am so grateful for knowledge to change my reaction in all of the present and future situations like the one 3 years ago.  My desired ripple effect is rooted in grace, love and support of others who want and need the support with the intention to also cause a loving ripple effect in the world.  We can be the change!

I am so good now and I am so grateful for my circle of love. Big things surrounded in love coming in 2017! Build your life around like minded people in life and business who live in Joy and concern for sending out a ripple effect rooted in LOVE!

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