What are you putting off? 3 simple steps to stop procrastinating. Gratitude changes everything.




3 simple steps I have put in place to take action on what I am putting off!

1. REWARD!   When an action results in a proposed outcome I am treating myself!
2. Set a time limit!  Don’t skip this piece.  Putting a little pressure on yourself is sometimes necessary to get things moving.
3. Remove all distractions!  ALL distractions.  Get good at saying I need quiet time during this block of time.  Stay diligent until the task at hand is complete.

It just takes a little momentum to get the ball rolling toward the outcome you are looking for.  Not taking action leads to no momentum!  No momentum leads to QUITTING.  Don’t be a drifter, get focused and become a non-drifter.

Don’t watch the news.  SERIOUSLY get out of the news for a little bit.  The negativity can paralyze you.  This doesn’t mean don’t stay informed, but be selective about what you allow in.  Fear and skewed view points through the media can be so DISTRACTING!

Shift your negative or distracted thinking.  Get in the habit of checking in with yourself.  How is this making me feel?  When the answer results in something that isn’t a great or good feeling.  Stop and pay thanks to all of the wonder around you.  WE all have so much to be thankful for.  The more attention we give to the JOY we have in our lives the more JOYOUS our lives become.

VISUALIZE your life where it is when the proposed outcome has happened.  10-15 minutes daily stop and put yourself right there as if you have reached your outcome.  Really feel the feeling associated with the achievement.

BELIEVE in yourself.  Self doubt eliminates the ability to move anything forward.

Do the work.  Stop putting off to tomorrow what can be done today. DIG in and GO FOR IT.  You deserve the outcome.

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