Take ACTION that Builds Momentum!

Often times we read books, blogs, or ask for help about what to do, but then we put no action to the tried and true things we read and learn. The ACTION steps get lost. Getting caught up in all of the planning for the goal or next steps can cause us to fall into the HABIT of hesitation.  The result is then that we don’t just START!

When building anything in life and adopting change, be wise about who you surround yourself with! Pick people with positive, good intentions with like energy. We aren’t all a good match for each other and that’s perfectly O.K.  Don’t get caught up in the feelings about that, just find your people and GO for it.

Lean on those people who fill you up with positive energy, who are supportive of YOU as well as themselves.  Those who are evolving, learning, and constantly pushing to be better people and help others.  Make sure to stay surrounded by people who are excited about life and also taking ACTION steps to grow and continually be better humans!

I’ve been known to just dive in and GO!  This is not always the best action and has caused some heartache in the past.  I AM thankful I have never been the person to get caught in the paralysis of non-action. I would rather clean up a small mess and sort out a new way to move forward as opposed to never go for my dreams. I’ve watched so many people hesitate and not do the tactically proven steps to grow.  Growing a team has brought me to look at what allows me to just Go and continue to GO for it.

The most impactful thing that allows me to keep propelling forward is that I believe in myself enough to not get caught in the fear which creates the “getting stuck.”  I don’t take the time in lack of action to get stuck.  Even when I am a bit doubtful I can easily get rid of the self-doubt and push forward with Gratitude’s and some form of ACTION!

Watch and learn. What has been done before you that has worked? When it works and feels right for you put that into action steps and Go For It! No need to recreate just be creative and add your personal signature!

Best slogan ever. Nike-JUST DO IT!

The very BEST way to just do it is to TAKE some form of small action step to cause a little momentum and keep building from that.

Take Action Tuesday! Our 10-minute weekly live call that keeps me on track and helps me keep moving toward my goals and dreams!

Every Tuesday at 7 A.M. Pacific 712-770-4160 268980#

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