Looking for just a little more out of Life?

I had an eye-opening conversation today with one of my people the GINJA Ninja while she was driving back from Tahoe enjoying her time as a non-corporate grinder. She was watching the drivers faces as she was pulling into her subdivision and they were pulling out. A reflective moment for her because they look defeated.

Are you loving your life and living to your fullest potential?  This seems like it can be a scary question when we truly answer ourselves honestly. We may face a harsh reality as well. We may be pulling out of our subdivision every morning defeated too.

I am a corporate grinder and an entrepreneur with an awesome DS company. My husband and I were feeling that grind as much as anyone. As a result, we made a choice to shift almost 3 years ago. It was agreed upon that we would LOVE what and where we were every day in that very moment and we would put in some extra hours to shift our energies.  Why?  Well we both wanted more living in our life! I was done drowning my stress in a wine bottle and he was done with a dead end corporate position.

We added direct sales (with some push-back from family and friends) to our corporate lives almost 3 years ago.  1 1/2 years of extra time sacrifice to help my husband shift out of an almost 20-year dead end job. Consequently, he HAPPILY no longer pulls out of our 5-acre ‘subdivision’ feeling defeated. That’s LIVING!


You DO IT. Follow your heart and don’t sway!  Make the decision to only speak with people who feed you with positivity, and don’t speak with anyone who fills you with even a drop of doubt. My personal favorite was the doubt filled with  ‘concern’.  While I truly understand where the ‘concern’ was coming from, WE stood strong in our conviction and time commitment because we knew the reward.  The true concern needed to be placed on the fact that were not truly living life, and not living being truly happy. We are all built to BE HAPPY!

Do things that lift the corners of your mouth up daily.  Do things that bring joy to your life. YOU do have the time. Do a little less of this and a little more of that and YOU can forever change your future. Start right where you are. In this very moment ask yourself the hard question. Are you loving your life and living to your fullest potential?

Blessings!!! Life is too short to get up and leave your subdivision defeated, so the choice is yours to take a different path.  Make a shift for YOU and get aligned with like-minded supporters.

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