How to Completely Change Your Current Situation!

Today a simple message reminded me that my daily actions are having a giant impact.  Ask yourself this ‘simple’ question. What is your impact on those who see and hear you daily?

If your answer left you feeling less than fulfilled make a shift. Take ACTION on your life!

Fall in LOVE with you and your life.  Live in the present moment and work hard for the things you want to achieve.  When something doesn’t feel quite right, make the appropriate adjustments to get into the groove of what works for you.

WHAT SETS YOUR SOUL ON FIRE?  Ask yourself this question daily.  If you can’t answer that question start living RIGHT NOW.

Easier said than done?  NO absolutely not.  YOU can live right here, right now, in the moment even if your aspiration is not to be doing what you are currently doing!

This week I sat in on a lunch meeting with a client considering opening a branch in another part of the state. It was interesting and fun to watch and participate in the lunch.  I also had an opportunity to work with a new person just getting started in our business.  Something I found so fascinating about both of these situations was the lack of open ended questions asked with the real intent of getting to know the want, need or how the fit might be with all of these people. Asking questions to get to the next level with a work relationship comes pretty easy for me.  Applying this to my self talk and doing for me has taken a big shift.

Evolving as a person over the last couple of years, learning to live more for me, in a healthy space has brought me to many open ended questions I ask myself, regularly.  What do I want to do today?  What has to be accomplished today for work and home? What am I going to do today for myself? How will I be better to me and those around me?  How will I give back with limited time to do that?  What do I LOVE about this very moment?  What am I grateful for? How am I feeling right now?

Be present with yourself.  Give your ALL with a healthy, happy attitude to everything you are a part of. Your attitude and energy will determine who you might meet and where you might be in order to shift something out and shift in something new.

START TODAY!  Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on FIRE!

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