Are You Living a Life Filled with Joy and Chasing your Dreams?

Are you tired of being tired?  Tired of being held down by corporate constraints?  Dreaming of more?  I was dreaming of having more time to spend with my horses, kayaking, hanging out with my family.  I have created a life working on my terms, from where I choose to be and I embrace and love working with others to help them achieve the same. 


Start Living a Life You Deserve!  Let Me Help You Head Down a Path of Living a Life Filled with Joy and Abundance!

You choose to be the chess piece or the chess player in life.   I chose to make a change and am now living life on my terms and helping others do the same.

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I am a 45 year old Mom of 2 amazing, grown daughters and the Grandma to an amazing young lady.  I worked hard and smart in my corporate career and established a top producting territory as a sales manager for a manufacturer.  The rewards were not providing me Joy and I was intrigued by the platform of online marketing and direct sales.  We were introduced to a product at the end of 2013 which brought my husband and I into partnering as independent brand promoters in the direct sales market place.  This has given us the platform to truly work from home or anywhere we choose to be.

Building a team alongside our family in the United States and now growing into a global team is rewarding and so exciting.  Helping others build a life that is allowing them to be free from the stresses of lack and flourishing in an online business has been such a huge blessing.  Loving life and excited to partner with strong, gracious leaders as our team continues to grow.

Build Your Dreams Around the People Who Matter the Most! Working with my family, helping others feel their best! Grateful!